Our Commitment to Service

Always going the extra mile.
Superior service defined.


t Key Credit, we put our hard hats on every day and go to work for business owners and dealers. Our blue collar approach is a little “old school”. We believe in communication, consistency, speed and understand each customer interaction is an opportunity to earn the privilege of helping someone. This deliberate approach to service separates us from everyone in the business. You see, we believe doing business the right way never goes out of style.

The Eight Keys to Superior Service



A real person, cross trained to help you and answer your questions, will ALWAYS pick up the phone.


We believe in a pre-qualification process that ensures customers are positioned for success. The application is just a start. Sometimes you need to get behind the numbers.


We contact the dealer with an update following EVERY conversation with the business owner to ensure everyone is aligned at each stage in the process.


We contact you every 4 business hours with an update on the process, from pre-qualification through funding.


We control the documentation and funding process to eliminate errors, speed the process and assist with gathering any paperwork.


We ensure multiple team members review each set of documents to ensure accuracy and reduce opportunities for delays.


We “pre-flight” the final documents with a fax review from your customer to ensure all items are in order before final documents are overnighted for funding.


We fund via overnight check, bank wire or ACH transfer getting you paid FASTER in many cases than if you did an outright cash sale.