Cash for the unexpected expense when the bank won’t listen

There used to be a time when your bank loan officer could actually make a decision for you. They could evaluate a loan request by the numbers—sure–but also factor in the depth of their relationship with you. They could really listen and even take a chance on you. Those days are gone. Banks are under unprecedented pressure from regulators and the “ivory tower”, all about the numbers approach to lending has left many businesses out in the cold, particularly when the cash crunch pops up.

This new world of financing for the small to mid-sized business leaves them struggling through cash flow peaks and valleys. The engine overhaul that wasn’t planned, the employee turnover expense, the insurance deductible from the accident and the equipment failure are all expenses that can get a choke hold on your company’s cash flows. And without the bank line of credit, how can you run your business instead of running from it?

Help is on the way. There is a simple working capital loan that allows for

  • access to cash when you need to manage the cash crunch
  • helping the industries that banks often leave behind
  • affordable repayment structures
  • flexible enough to allow you to attain different amounts of cash at different times
  • no restrictions on use

Some businesses owners might leverage this loan for events like inventory purchases, equipment repair, office/store remodel, helping with your startup, emergency expenses or anything that might help you with unexpected cash flow needs.

At Key, we help businesses with the working capital and equipment finance they need to run their business. And our approach is different, we actually understand the businesses we work with. For more than 30 years, we have financed businesses in all kinds of situations and economic conditions other lenders leave behind. Let’s talk.