30 years of expertise in finance makes a big difference and brings better solutions.

Experience is great. Expertise is better.

Across the landscape of equipment lenders, there are companies full of experience in a wide variety of industries. Decades of funding assets in all kinds of credit situations and economic circumstance behind their chase for the next dealer or small business owner. Our complements. But that’s not enough.

Where experience is a valuable asset, expertise is a growth engine. Expertise is the application of experience through the effective and consistent delivery of ideas, insight and solutions. All the equipment finance experience in the world struggles to power growth without the ability to make it really work for those delivering for small business. To make it work, the lender needs to deliver new ideas, programs and solutions so regularly you count on them to achieve your goals.

An expertise-driven lender…

  • Knows your industries AND offers suggestions of how you can use finance to position yourself well in these businesses.
  • Knows the challenges business owners in these industries face AND offers potential solutions and ideas that make you think differently.
  • Knows how to overcome the obstacles AND is able to implement programs that minimize issues and avoid obstacles outright.
  • Knows how to how to have total cost of ownership conversations with owners AND gives them easy tools to understand the importance of the buying decision.
  • Knows the cash flow issues you face AND can working capital to help you run your business instead of running from it.

We could carry on like this indefinitely, but these points demonstrate that a lender that just asks for applications and pushes them through an approval machine, is not delivering expertise and value-add to the business owner regardless of their experience level.

Key Credit Corp. recently announced their 30-year anniversary of offering competitive equipment finance solutions. And that’s a big deal because the economy will peak and valley. Names of banks will change. And change again. All the while the experts at Key have been there to help small business owners with capital to help their business grow. We understand how you use the equipment you need. We understand the situations that lead to cash crunches and can help you move beyond. You see, 30 years means something. It means we do what we say. It means we have a unique approach and a competitive offering. And it means our customers return to us…time and time again.

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