Up to $50,000 in cash! When the engine needs to be rebuilt, the office redone, or the payroll reinvigorated…there are good solutions for small business

As a small business owner, things can get a little tight from time to time. Even if the cash flow is stable, it can be hard to come up with that extra boost to improve the company. While banks have long offered lines for credit for these kinds of needs, it can take weeks of painful process that ties up your business and creates uncomfortable issues in the relationship. Other providers offer simple solutions that didn’t work out well for your company. So we did something different and better.

What if you could borrow up to $50,000 with reasonable terms, have the money within a few short days and ensure the loan is paid off keeping the payment down by going as long as 60 months? All of a sudden that office improvement is possible, the engine overhaul is a reality or use the cash for any business reason at all without the worry of disrupting your bank relationship or paying unfair monies.

Introducing the Key Credit Corp Working Capital Program

  • 5 years time in business – up to $25,000 cash up to 48 month term
  • 7 years time in business – up to $50,000 cash up to 60 month term
  • These are term loans with monthly payments so the principal is paid off by the end of term
  • Competitive rates
  • Application only
  • Decisions within hours
  • Speed: You get your money within days.

The process for these new working capital loans is simple, quick and can help you easily fill a cash flow gap or fund a business need. At Key Credit, we offer more finance programs like this for a wider variety of businesses with an unmatched standard of service. Need more information on how it might work for you, let’s talk.