DEALERS: As much as 20% sales growth without spending a dime.

Having a good selection of equipment is just not enough these days. Dealers find themselves in a highly competitive market with margins and sales performance under pressure. Finding real opportunities for growth can be challenging. Most opportunities for growth require really big money or significant time to evolve the way you do business. But there is one way to grow without learning anything new or tapping precious capital reserves: offering a finance program to your customers.

In a recent survey, commercial equipment sales organizations with new finance programs showed a double digit (as much as 20%) increase in quoting activity, closing percentage and sales.*

Most business owners purchase equipment upon older equipment failure*. They haven’t budgeted for the expense most of the time, but absolutely need to get their hands on the equipment. Rather than a break/fix quote of $15,000 or the replacement cost of $50,000 (and the inevitable sticker shock that follows), what if you offered your quote for new equipment, installation and/or service for as little as $1,200 per month? $50,000 is scary. $1,200 per month is far more doable.

Most of you understand the value of the payment. Many of you offer financing, but it’s not really a program. It’s not really something that helps you rise above your competition. It’s more like handing someone a phone number and hoping it all works out. A real finance program is designed around your equipment, sales approach, market and more. It’s something that becomes a critical part of growing your business. Establishing a real program, instead of just referring people, is the biggest step to growing your business.

Find a provider willing to understand your equipment, delivers high standard of service that is easy to understand and a partner that fights for each one of your customers. This solution opens the door to as much as 20% growth, no investment and the right partner does all the work for you.

We think offering a competitive finance program is a key to your success. Key Credit Corporation offers finance programs and an unmatched standard of service that give dealers the ability to grow sales. Let’s talk.